Program for Monitoring the Quality of Waters, Mollusks and Toxic Phytoplankton of the Seafood Production Areas of the Catalan Coast (PSQAM)

The Monitoring Program for the Quality of Waters, Mollusks and Phytoplankton Toxic in the Areas of Production of Seafood of the Catalan Coast (PSQAM) is executed by the IRTA Water and Continental Water program commissioned by the Directorate General of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs (DGPAM) of the Generalitat de Catalunya. This program complies with Regulation (EC) No 854/2004 in relation to controls on live bivalve mollusks from classified production areas.

The PSQAM began in 1990, from the beginning its design has been adapted to legislative changes, technical progress and scientific advances. The microbiological quality of mollusks, the presence of plankton producing toxins in the waters and biotoxins, and chemical contaminants in mollusks are controlled. In Regulation 853/2004, biotoxins are legislated and the maximum limits allowed are identified.